The People Decide: Should You Unfollow Your Ex After A Break-Up

Break-ups are a messy business. Even if you’re the instigator, the loss of a relationship can really tear a void in your life. Time may heal all wounds but in the meantime you need something to pick you up on those lonely days. And staring at your ex’s Facebook profile isn’t a good use of your time.

Social media allows you to recreate the awkward running-into your ex moments in a very unique way, every day. The difference is that it’s much more passive and there’s a larger knowledge gap.

If you see your ex out shopping and bump into him or her with a new partner, you’ll know whether they’re dating – unlike a profile picture together.

The question remains: should you unfollow your ex or not? Are you doing yourself a favour or just running from the break-up, pretending it never happened?

Here are some things to consider before clicking that unfollow…

Honour ‘we can still be friends’

You’re an adult now, your relationships shouldn’t always end with swearing and death-threats. Most should end because it’s the right time. Keeping your ex on social media keeps the window open for any potential friendships – it’d be awkward to re-add them two years down the line.

Don’t unfriend, unfollow

Unfollowing someone on Facebook means that you’ll no longer see their posts. Speaking to Mashable, relationship expert Susan Winter said: “”Un-friending looks childish. You look wounded, and out of control. I’d go for the “softer” option of unfollowing. That choice retains your dignity and eliminates the loop of pain”

Knowledge is power

“Not having them connected to you on social accounts means you wonder more about what they’re up to, and you end up upsetting yourself thinking they are out living life”. It might hurt to see them happy in a new relationship but what you imagine they do behind the privacy settings it’s probably way worse than that.