This Is How You Should Organise Your Desk According To Your Work Personality

Have you ever wondered why your coworkers act very different on Friday night socials than they do in the office? Well, and this should be no secret, it’s because we all have a work personality that we brandish in order to get through another day of work.

Naturally, we adapt to the situations that we find ourselves in and for the sake of productivity and negotiation, the work place requires an unique behavioural switch.

As such, workplaces and desks reflect these personalities.


Typically, workplaces operate a “one-size-fits-all” desk space where your standard set-up can be altered as far as it doesn’t become distracting or dangerous.

We spoke of how people’s work schedules can change as they transition through their twenties and into their thirties, today it’s all about how to create the optimum space for your personality type.

The Sellers

These types of people enjoy leading the team and promoting a product or idea. They are energetic, competitive and ambitious. These type of people are inherently social and enjoy open office set-ups where frequent interactions are par for the course, unlike remote working.

The Organisers

The nerds of the office, records and machines are worked on with precision and care. The cubicle and cellular desk structure allows privacy and ownership which fits with high-focus nature of this personality’s work.


The Doers

As you could imagine, this type of person works in any field that requires tools and practical application. These kind of people don’t like to be tied down by any office structure and enjoy more flexibility through telecommuting.

The Thinkers

Anything analytic, intellectual and scientific, these kind of people are working on it. Like the organisers, the thinkers just want to be left alone in a cubicle to, you know, think.


The Artists

Naturally, the artist lives in inspired chaos. Independent working is the most productive but coworking spaces work to bounce ideas of off like-minded people.

The Helpers

The socialites of the office, these people enjoy supportive and friendly roles. Typically the open office system works best for these people. They don’t want their own desk, they want to sit on the edge of yours and have a chat.