Olympians Won’t Stop Talking About Peanut Butter And It’s Getting Weird…

Guess what, sports-fans? We’ve got more news from the Rio Olympics but this scoop might be sweeter than Max Whitlock’s gold medals, not in terms of spirit but actual sweetness. Let’s talk about peanut butter and why everyone at the olympics is going… nuts over it.

Officially, the Rio 2016 Olympics are sponsored by Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Panasonic and `Visa, however, for the fans and athletes, peanut butter will be the true product of this sporting season. In a weird turn of events, loads of US Olympians have been bigging up the spreadable treat in interviews and on Twitter.

Check out this blunt tweet from gymnast Simone Biles…

Says it all really…

Mic have put together a comprehensive guide to what olympians are raving about peanut butter, how they like to enjoy it and who they keep telling about the snack. The point is, if peanut butter is good enough for olympians, it’s plenty good enough for you!

Here’s why peanut butter is the absolute coolest (excluding: ‘you can eat it with a spoon’).

You can’t spell ‘protein’ without ‘pro’

Yeah, you heard us. Protein is a great source of that good protein that gives your muscles a boost and stops you snacking throughout the day. It’s even safe for vegetarians and vegans! Also, because it’s up with some of tastiest foods ever, the sense of indulgence you get from eating a mouthful with keep you away from naughty treats!


Good fats

Like avocado, peanut butter is chocked full of unsaturated fat which is the stuff that keeps our hearts nice and healthy. Two tablespoons of the stuff has about 3.3 grams of saturated fat and 12.3 grams of the ‘good fat’. It’s not that calorific, either!

Gain healthy weight

Sometimes you can go overboard with the diet and lose too much weight. If you’re in this position or just want to stock your body up for a cold winter, peanut butter is a great and sustainable way of putting on some comfy weight. You’re not an olympian so don’t worry about occasionally going overboard with the peanut butter spreading!