These Office Nap-Pods Were Made For Unproductive Monday Mornings

Sleep deprivation is the modern equivalent of the plague. While the black death arrived on the back of rats, feeling fatigued in the work place has crept in by way of poor management, overworking and Netflix binging. It’s an unhealthy cycle that, fortunately, won’t kill your entire village but will contribute to deteriorating mental health and productivity.

Something needs to be done about this tiredness epidemic because soon enough the bubble will pop and companies will realise that the consequences of working their employees into the ground are far worse than the plague. They’ll wish they have the plague.

Hopefully it won’t get there, though. Nap-Pods seem to be an efficient and compassionate solution.

While these Energy Pods have been around for a while, Edinburgh University will be moving toward installing these pods throughout the campus to contribute to the betterment of students’ physical and mental health. This is important because, as we all know, university is three years where you pretty much push your physical and mental limits to breaking point.

According to Sky News, Edinburgh University’s Think Tank research director can justify the investment: “This is an initiative to tackle that problem, promoting the idea of napping and having students take around 40-minute breaks throughout the day to make sure their mental and physical wellbeing is on top point”.

This goes for the workplace, too. Check out this dreadful news link about the energy pods, in case you wanted to see them in action.

Inside the pods feels like one of those fancy first-class sleeper seats you walk past to get to your airplane seat. As HelloGiggles report, “Nappers can screen out surrounding sound by playing relaxing music through a large-scale helmet and rotating visor.”

These nap-pods designed for 20-40 minute recharges so don’t get any idea that you can catch up on missing four hours of sleep in these. They’re going to be in high-demand.