How To Do Ibiza The Healthy Way

Yes, you can

Ibiza is known for its hedonistic nightlife, but there’s actually a lot more to the White Isle than meets the eye. Fashion News Assistant Bridie Wilkins took the trip for a stay with Ocean Beach, and here’s what went down.

The Experience

Ibiza wouldn’t be Ibiza without a party, and what better place to do so than Ocean Beach. Think an all day poolside extravaganza complete with performing artists (floating elephants included), endless cocktails and probably the biggest dancefloor we’ve ever seen. But it wasn’t all late nights and sore heads…

A private boat trip across the West Coast featuring crystal clear sea and lunch at the famous Cotton Beach Club came next, followed by dinner at the swanky STK.

A morning yoga session kickstarted the final day, fuelled by breakfast at The Skinny Kitchen and a roast dinner (in Ibiza- who knew?) at the renowned Pikes Hotel.

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 The Food

Brunch at new Ocean Beach partner hotel Naeco Ibiza set the bar for a seriously delicious weekend. Foie gras, beetroot hummus, roast vegetables, fresh fish, pumpkin soup, panacotta… You name it- we had it.

Ocean Beach, meanwhile, put on an equally impressive dinner spread featuring tuna tartare, stir fry vegetables and fresh chicken and mango salad. It didn’t stop there. Dinner at STK came complete with one of everything on the menu- steak, prawns, cod, vegetables, cheese, the lot. Post yoga, breakfast at The Skinny Kitchen included egg and sweet potato waffles, coconut zoodles, avocado pizza and plenty of fresh juices. Last but not least, Pikes put on the best roast dinner we’ve ever had. Put it this way: we were full for approx 5 days afterwards.

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The Stay

Naeco Ibiza only launched this season, but boy were we impressed. Much like Ocean Beach, the interiors are chic and modern, with views of the ocean and two pools to relax aside. It’s the perfect location, too- San Antonio Bay is just a five minute walk away, while you can reach the other side of the island in less than 40 minutes.

All in all, then, it’s safe to say that the White Isle really does have something for everyone. Ocean Beach, you’ve changed everything.


Ocean Beach Ibiza celebrates their 5th Birthday this year, with bookings now open here.