Do You Have #Nomophobia?

Can’t bear being without your phone for 2 minutes? You’ll want to read this…

We’re sure we’re not the only ones who get ‘the fear’ when we realise our phone isn’t in touching distance. Yes?

Well, now there’s a name for that: nomophobia.

According to a new survey by Row, 73% of the 40 million Brits who own smartphones get serious anxiety when they’re away from their devices and are therefore, ‘nomophobics’.

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It doesn’t stop there. In a rather depressing revelation, the study revealed that the average Brit uses their phone for 2 hours and 54 minutes a day, while that almost tripled to a whopping 6 hours and 27 minutes a day for 18 to 24-year-olds. Yes, really.

So what do we spend our time on?

Apparently Facebook gets most of our attention, with 23 minutes a day spent on the social media platform, shortly followed by 17 and a half minutes texting, 17 minutes listening to music and 13 minutes making calls. If that’s not proof communication is changing, we don’t know what is.

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By the sounds of things, our smartphone obsession is getting in the way of a lot of life, too.

One in ten admitted to checking their social media while at the cinema, 12% when on a date and over 700,000 confessed to it affecting their sex lives.

And our mental health? Row reports that the most common reason for feeling anxious was not being able to contact friends and family (52%), being unable to be contacted (43%), being unable to check social media (18%), being unable to check the news (15%) and being unable to take photos and videos (8%).

Erm, now where did I put my phone?