Meet Our New Favourite Instagram Star That Has *Absolutely* No Fear

Instagram is vastly exhausted in terms of original content. There’s only so many collage images, minute long make-up tutorials and funny #millennial memes that you can see before you experience a bit of deja vu with every timeline scroll.

That’s what makes seeing a genuinely exciting and breathtaking photographer like Angela Nikolau get some credit for overcoming the fear that keeps us flicking through filters so great…

Angelina Nikolau is a self-taught Russian photographer that commits a fair bit of her time to scaling crazy heights and taking joyous selfies at the top of them. The kind of heights that turn your knees to jelly and your hearts in your throats. We’ve heard cases of people walking into ravines and generally making fools of themselves mid-selfie but this is ridiculous.

Бц "Белая площадь" #roof #rooftop #roof_top #moscow #selfie

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Take this wonderful shot, for example. Not only is her outfit on point but pay close attention to her face. Look at the distinct lack of mortal terror, what’s interesting is that she seems almost happy? Notice the fierce look in her eyes rather than the panic of someone dangling 20 floors above the concrete. One false move and she’s pavement jam but hey, what a way to go, right?

Exhibit B. Excuse our French but just look at this sh*t. Who does she think she is? Dangling above a car park putting her life in the hands of this chump whose upper body doesn’t exactly instil confidence. We’re assuming that’s a boyfriend or brother, either way, imagine how awkward Christmas dinner would have been that year if he’d accidentally let go…

By @a_remnev

A photo posted by Angela Nikolau (@angela_nikolau) on

Despite her complete disregard of construction site premise policies, you have to admit, Angela has a great eye for some breath-taking shots. If she was to fall, she’d have some absolutely incredible photos to chose from at the funeral.

If you want to experience a little bit of vertigo on a daily basis, be sure to follow Angela here.