Here’s A Scary Reminder Why Rent-A-Boyfriend Services Just Don’t Work

Money can’t buy love, so the expression goes. It’s not going to stop wealthy businessmen from trying but you should know moving forward that any exchange of money for affectionate services should warrant the largest red flag in the history of red flags.

With the development of online dating meaning that you could potentially talking to your ‘soul-mate’ within minutes, you’d think that finding a passably-scummy to decent guy wouldn’t be as hard as it is. The problem is that for every three decent guys online, there are ten times as many blocking your view with unsolicited pictures and advances‚Ķ

For 27-year-old Li Chenxi, and a lot of women in China, renting boyfriends is becoming more common as the pressure from traditional parents to marry ASAP looms.

The stereotype for being a ‘leftover woman’ (Sheng nu) in China in rife and is pushing a lot of women like Li to hire blokes to show off to their parents. It’s an economic solution to the problem, we suppose.

The rent-a-boyfriend websites look suspiciously like Amazon with product informations and an impressive search function to refine exactly what you’re looking for. These services are a means to an end, remember, there’s no mystery of excitement because you’re investing in a product at the end of the day – even if it’s for lonely purposes.

This video documents Li’s experience with a rented boyfriend. The day rate is the equivalent of about ¬£100 a day with extra charges for kisses and cuddles. She meets Sean, who is three years younger than her. Li’s mum sees straight through the lie as Sean sits their awkwardly being rinsed by Mrs Chenxi – brutal.

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She’s 27 and still single. So Li Chenxi is renting a boyfriend.

Tradition will always dictate certain relationships over the world, that’s the culture. However, it’s promising that services like rent-a-boyfriend exist since it’s indicative of a change in the winds. People are sick of having to settle for any bloke and too right!