These Netflix Documentaries That Will Scare You Into Losing Weight

There’s two ways to get motivated enough to start a weight losing process. You can either surround yourself in affirming environments and people that will gradually push you into improving your health or scare yourself silly and lose weight because the alternative is too frightening to comprehend.

Inspirational mantras will take you so far but you’ve heard converted vegans, vegetarians and fitness freaks talk about how one film or documentary “changing their life”.

It’s such a common occurrence it must be a pretty effective way of making a serious life change. All you need is an open-mind and a Netflix subscription and you’re already on your way to losing weight!

Food Inc.

Bar Supersize Me, this 2008 documentary might be the most notorious exploration into how food corporations transport food from the source to our tables and the results are harrowing to say the least! Even if you stay away from processed meat, this doc highlights the underlying hypocrisy that goes on in our food industry.


Hungry For Change

We’ve lampooned fad diets in the past and for the right reasons. This 2012 feature film exposes the diet industry’s deceptive and misleading strategies designed to keep people from actually losing healthy weight. Use it as a ‘what not to do’ guide to losing weight.


Excuse the corny title, this is a personal and occasionally heartbreaking doc that examine the relationship between genetically modified food and his three children. Remember that when you make a healthy lifestyle change, you’re not only helping yourself, but influencing and inspiring everyone around you. Don’t take that responsibility lightly, especially if there’s children involved.


Now if you’ve watched those previous documentaries and still not convinced, Cowspiracy is one of those gruesome and wrenching exposés that shows how human beings are basically monsters for eating meat the way we do. Not for the weak-stomached this is maybe the most important documentary about global warming and food out there.

Side note: As with all documentaries, be sure to fact check everything yourself before you start reciting scandalous facts to your friends…