Urgent Breaking News: Nando’s Halloumi Fries Are Now A Thing

Say cheese.

Words by Megan C. Hills

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that any respectable fast food chain, must be in want of a decadent cheesy dish and something fried. Nando’s has taken the adage to heart and they’ve just added halloumi fries to their menu, which unsurprisingly are taking the internet by storm and bringing tears to Nando’s connoisseurs’ eyes.

The new appetiser is officially called the Halloumi Sticks & Dip and comprises five golden-brown fried slivers of halloumi, alongside a pot of chilli jam for dipping. For a restaurant that’s big on its chicken, this meat-free option is set to become a customer favourite when it launches on February 27.

Nandos teased the new addition on Twitter yesterday and the Twittersphere promptly exploded.

Nando’s will also be adding another vegetarian dish to the menu – a spicy Veggie Cataplana. It’s a main dish comprised of grilled vegetables, chickpeas and more slow cooked in a fragrant tomato and coconut sauce.

Nando’s Halloumi Sticks & Dip are priced at £3.70 and the Veggie Cataplana at £6.45. Given that we’re diehard fans of the restaurant and we’ve even worked out an arsenal of Nando’s hacks to make every penny last, you can bet we’re going to be first in line tomorrow.

Bring on the cheesy, cheesy goodness.

Sounds like it’s time to book in your next Nando’s visit…