The Size Of Your Mug ACTUALLY Changes The Taste Of Your Coffee

Drinking coffee isn’t so much about filling your body with caffeine as it is about your body’s association with feeling awake and the bitter taste of your daily flat white. Our bodies operate like clockwork and rely on habits to tell us when it’s the appropriate time to sleep, eat and, you guessed it, drink coffee. That’s why you feel so weird if you skip your daily coffee.

But when the coffee just ain’t tasting right, what is your usual excuse? Do you blame the barista? Claim that whoever changed their recipe? Well, researchers say that the size and shape of your regular coffee mug might have a bigger impact on how good your coffee tastes.

As Metro report, a study is going to be published that claims that the size and thickness of your favourite mug/cup (we all have one) affects your perceived taste of coffee!

A survey taken by 300 volunteers from China, Colombia and the UK who were asked to rate a range of coffees in order of aroma, bitterness, intensity, temperature, caffeine-level and sweetness.

These volunteers were then asked to estimate roughly how much they were willing to pay based on the size and shape of the mug.

It sounds weird but there is logic to this that might change the way you buy coffee.

People found that coffee in cups that were shorter and narrower were more bitter, more intense and more aromatic. People also found that the cups that were wider tasted sweeter and were worth paying more for.

It was the same coffee in all the cups.

The study concludes, “‘If café owners, baristas, and crockery manufacturers want to manipulate people’s expectations of coffee, they should carefully consider the diameter and height of the cups they use/produce”.

You hear that, Costa? What’s the deal with those soup bowls you call a ‘regular’?