According To Research, This Is The Most Expensive Year Of Our Lives

*Screams internally*

We’re sure you’ll know what we mean when we say that life is getting expensive.

From rent to mortgages, bills and commuting costs, it’s not exactly surprising that most of us are feeling the strain on our bank accounts.

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But if you’re under 31, the worst may be yet to come. Because according to a new survey by credit check site ClearScore, this is set to be the most pricey year of your life.

Why’s this? Well, it’s down to the types of events that tend to occur around this time – notably weddings and buying a house.

Of the 3,000 people surveyed, 27% said getting married was their biggest expense, followed by buying a house, having a baby and going on honeymoon.

To be able to afford all of these things, ClearScore calculated that people would need to spend around £43,000 in just that year alone.

With weddings costing up to £38,000 in London these days, this isn’t really a huge shock. But it’s still enough to get your palms sweating.

If you’re over 31, let’s hope things get better from here. If not… pray for a Lottery win.