How Writing A Bucket List Will Make You A Millionaire

Bucket list writing should be motivating and considered as the first step to a successful life. How can you expect to be the best version of you without knowing how to get there? However, it can sometimes feel like bucket lists are just another example of us saying we’re going to do things and then just not doing them…

But what if we told you that writing a bucket list could be step one to becoming a millionaire?! *cue klaxons and confetti cannons*.

That’s right, no millionaire has ever been looking for something behind the sofa and, by chance, found the secret to success. It takes time, dedication and organisation to be a global success. We’ve talked in the past about making the most of your 20s in order to be a millionaire in your 30s but consider the bucket list another approach.

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Having a diverse bucket list with a multitude of different careers to work through will give you the world knowledge and expertise to not become dependent on one source of income.

It will also encourage you to stop working to make someone else rich. If you feel like you can use your skills to make serious bank – stop wasting your time at that pencil-pushing job.

Setting goals is enough hugely significant tool that writing bucket lists will help you develop. Instead of writing six massive goals you want to achieve by the time you’re diving into the infinity pool in the sky, come up with realistic and small achievements with deadlines.

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What you might also find halfway through writing your career goals is that you won’t have to skills to achieve them all yet. So many famous millionaires have made their fortunes through investing but before you have the capital to get into that game, spend some years investing in yourself.

Read lots, learn technological skills, keep up to date with the news and apply everything you’re learning. Knowledge equals power and power equals money.

See, even basic maths will help you hit that six figure mark!