Why graduates should look to banks for entry level jobs

Being young can really suck sometimes. We hear a lot of reports of job market doom and gloom and are constantly reminded about how much debt we’re all in. But there is hope – according to new research, the UK’s leading employers have more graduate and entry-level vacancies than ever!

Banks are the main companies offering these positions, so here are some reasons why you should look to them for graduate jobs.

1. Why are banks a great place to look?

You don’t have to be a banker to work at a bank. Big companies such as Lloyds and Barclays offer a lot of graduate and entry-level jobs across many different departments, not just finance related roles! There are loads of cool jobs you can apply for. Lloyds offer jobs in customer service, HR, management and tech, as well finance roles. Barclays offer roles in HR and research as well as the ones you would expect which include banking, trading and sales. If marketing is your thing, Santander are looking for graduates for that department too.

2. Which industries pay graduates the most?

Investment banking roles pay graduates an average of £45,000 a year, law firms are a close second, offering £40,000. In third place is banking and finance firms which offer around £36,000 and oil and energy companies pay around £32,500. For more on this click here.

3. Where are these jobs based?

You don’t have to head to London, where the rent prices are sky high, to get yourself one of these cool grad jobs. Lloyds place graduates all around the country and Santander offer positions mainly in Milton Keynes and Leicester, as well as London.


Image Credit: High Flyers

4. Where do I go from here?

Recruiters in the top 100 said that 31% of their entry-level roles for this year will be filled by graduates who have done work already at the company. This means that securing an internship or a placement is a really good first step to securing a job. Lloyds, RBS and Goldman Sachs all offer internship schemes. Also look out for these companies at your campus careers fairs or other job events.