6 ways you can use your hobbies for cold, hard cash

If you’re a young person who has turned their hobby into a career, consider yourself one of the few. The rest of us play Jenga with our time, trying to balance our hobbies with our jobs and doing our best to stop the metaphorical tower of our lives from crashing into dozens of pieces. 

Hobbies are what keeps us sane during the 9-5. When they day is over, going home eating something and burning a few hours with a good book, game, recipe or TV show makes going to work the next day a little more bearable.

That said, if you know how, there’s no reason you can’t use your hobbies to make a little side-cash. We’re not talking turning your hobby into a career but rather monetising what you’d be doing in the evenings anyway. I should say that you should think hard about exacting this approach – it could spoil the one thing that doesn’t feel like work.

This great infographic from Pounds to Pocket highlights six common hobbies that can be used to make some cash. The graphic gives you an idea of how to prepare your hobby and how much money you could be making.

Here’s an example, check out the rest of the infographic below:

Video Gaming

This is my personal outlet after a tough day at List For Life. Getting paid to play games is the ultimate middle-finger to all those teachers that told you you couldn’t. That said, almost everyone is trying it so expect some competition.

The more common approach is game testing which pays about £5-£7 an hour and can be monotonous after a while since you’re not actually ‘playing’ the games – just trying to break them.

If you’ve got the ‘right stuff’, streaming or recording Let’s Plays on Youtube is a great way to build a brand an audience. The top Let’s Players make millions of pounds a year!


Image credit: Pound Place