Today’s unmissable Deals of The Day for those of you that love a drink (or two)

We’re approaching the last weeks of List For Life’s finance month and thus coming to a close with our Deals of The Day feature. If you’ve been enjoying them so far we’re glad you’ve been having fun while saving some money! 

If this is the first you’ve heard of this feature, there’s still time to reap all the rewards the internet has to offer. Be it food, days out or tech, we’ve got the deals that you need in your life.

We know it’s only Tuesday but the real party-animals among you will already be planning your weekend plans. It’s been just enough time to have shaken off last weekend’s hangover and resolution to ‘never drink again’. Today we’ve got some cracking deals on some alcohol fuelled fun!

1. Brewdog Beer School – £19.99

If you’re a frequent attendee of a local Wetherspoons or cool trendy pub, you’ve probably noticed bottle Brewdog beer hanging out under the bar. If you’ve ever bought one, you’ll know they’re delicious. That’s why, if you were ever planning to attend a day-long beer school, you should trust Brewdog to run it. Held at 26 UK locations, you’ll be walked through the Brewdog story, brewing process and ingredients. Then you’ll actually get to drink the beer, hooray!

2. Champagne Cocktails and Comedy – £16.00

For this price, you’d think that was the comedy we’re referring to. But, believe us, we’re not that funny. This deal entitles you to a top quality evening of live comedy with a cracking pizza and an elaborate champagne cocktail. Located in the heart of Covent Garden, get there early to secure a good seat.

3. Craft Beer Night-in Hosting Kit – £9.00

Going out is overrated. Drinking socially shouldn’t be confined to noisy and cramped bars, especially when you can recreate the experience at home. This deal, which we suggest you buy multiples, sends eight bottles of craft beer and cider straight to your door. Stick on a movie, deal the bottles out among friends and make a night of it!