6 money-saving apps you totally need in your life

Mobile phones can really suck the life out of your bank account with how much they cost. But, if used in the right way, they can actually save you a ton of cash.

Check out our definitve list of the best money-saving apps out there. So you can splurge on that new Zara tote/Adidas backpack that you’ve had your eye on.

1. Meter Readings – £0.99

Instead of turning off the heating and whipping out your extensive knitwear collection, why not try Meter Readings instead? The cheap as chips app allows you to keep track of exactly how much you’re spending on all your household bills, that way you can avoid the panic of overindulging on warmth.

Available on iOS

2. mySuperList – Free

Whether out and about, or at home on the sofa, this app allows you to create a shopping list of all the things you need, and then price match the items at every UK supermarket so you can get your weekly shop at the lowest price. Perfect.

Available on iOS

3. Fashionably Skint – Free

This one is total genius, and we can’t believe we didnt have the idea ourselves. Fashionably Skint allows uni students to upload pictures of clothes they are willing to share out to others on campus, and search for outfits they want to borrow. Saving everyone a ton of money in the process.

Available on iOS

4. Mint – Free

This general finance regulator has everything, and we mean everything. Mint allows you to keep track of all your financial activity on all of your accounts at the same time. It can tell you how much you’re spending and makes a budget for you to keep to, as well as generating graphs and tables displaying all your spending trends. It’s password protected too so you don’t have to worry about security breaches.

Available on iOS and Android

5. Retailmenot – Free

This pandora’s box of free coupons is a life saver for all you shopaholics out there. Sift through all the tat and enjoy money off at a whole array of great high street brands.

Available on iOS and Android

6. ATM Hunter – Free

If, like us, you;re constantly paying extra charges on card in dingey corner shops all because you can’t find a cash machine when you need one, then this app is a godsend. It’ll find you the closest ATM and give you directions.

Available on iOS and Android