Studying medicine or economics is the secret to a wealthy future, reports suggest

Post-graduation anxiety usually can be traced to three main sources. Fear of becoming boring or adult, fear of spiralling into a career that you hate and finally, a fear that studying medicine or fashion design will never make you enough money to enjoy life. Money doesn’t equal happiness but a decent salary makes things a heck of a lot easier.

But don’t worry if you’re a student/graduate with these symptoms, you’re not the only one thinking about it. In fact, the Institute for Fiscal Studies have been thinking about it so much, they made a career out of it. Got their own institute and everything.

As the BBC reports, if you want to earn a big salary, the best route to go down is studying medicine or economics. Oh right then, easy as that. There’s not much to be drawn from this information unless you are studying medicine or economics but bear with us, you might just learn something.

Image credit: Shutterstock

Image credit: Shutterstock

The IFS investigated the median wages of students graduating from a variety of different studies 10 years after gradation. It turns out that male medical students earned a decent £55,000 a decade later. The report also showed that higher earners tended to come from wealthier backgrounds although that might just prove that the vast percentage of medical students come from wealthy backgrounds.

The research was based on the student loan records of 260,000 individuals. By contrast those who obtained degrees in creative arts, veterinary and agriculture and linguistics were most likely to not earn a great deal 10 years on.

So if you’ve already graduated bad luck, maybe try again in your next lifetime. If you haven’t yet gone to uni, there’s still hope for you. The report showed that The London School of Economics (LSE to the cool kids) is the most lucrative university. So, game plan: get a degree in medicine from LSE, live large.

Sounds easy enough.

Image credit: Giphy

Image credit: Giphy