To spend or not to spend? We’ve got the solution

Forget ethics or fatherly advice, flowcharts are all you really need to navigate your way through the winding roads of life. And what’s more winding and unpredictable than future finances. You think any millionaires knew they were going to be millionaires? Probably not. But then again, you’ll probably never be a millionaire so knowing when and when not to spend is imperative.

This selection of flowcharts from MBNA breaks down three very common daily decisions about whether to spend money or not. The blue charts you’ll find below can be used whether it’s spending your money on a cup of coffee every morning, pay for your date’s dinner or whether you should take a taxi.

For the purposes of science I will take part in this charade and test whether my sickening amount of coffee, dinner and taxi debt is justified. You can follow my path from home.

Should I buy a cup of coffee every morning?

So I get my large cappuccino at the station in the morning. Am I tired? Yes always.

How many hours did I sleep last night? Less than eight hours because I hate my body.

It’s my first coffee, don’t condescend me, flowchart.

Yay, I’m allowed my morning coffee, thanks flowchart!

Should I pay for my date’s dinner?

Is this my first date? Hell no, bro-bro.

I’m a committed man so yes I’m “romantically invested”.

Well, as far as I’m concerned anyone who isn’t going dutch in a long-term relationship is getting duped so there you have it.

Should I take a taxi?

Okay, let’s say I’m going from my office to my train station? My feet always hurt but it isn’t late, usually.

Can I Uber? Of course, it’s not 1886.

Also, taking an UberX for one mile could be around 1.5 times cheaper than riding in a black cab.


Image credit: MBNA


Image credit: MBNA


Image credit: MBNA