4 skills you can master without spending a penny

Once you leave school, learning stuff costs money. University costs around£12,000 a year in total and short courses open to the public aren’t exactly cheap. A lot of young people are in a situation where they have education where no transferable skills and no money to purchase any.

It’s situations like these that we should all thank the computer gods for creating the internet. You can pretty much learn anything on Youtube but it takes a bit more than that to become a master.

We want everyone to become as employable as possible so when we say ‘skills’ we mean actually useful skills like coding and languages, not knife-throwing.

For you non-knife-throwers, here are four skills you can master without spending a penny.

1. Learning a foreign language

I don’t know about you but I feel mortified when I meet people from other countries who can speak numerous languages. It seems as if the UK is the only country in the world that doesn’t try to expand our vocabulary. If you Google, ‘learn a new language’ there will be 10s of great free programs to teach you. Just be patient with yourself.

2. Speed reading

Knowledge is power but time is of the essence. If you’re currently going through a  spat of unemployment, commit some time to reading. You’ll never get a chance like this! Learning to speed read requires more a conscious effort than just reading lots but will increase the amount of books you can read in shorter spaces of time. Use apps like Spreeder to up your words per minute.

3. Investing

This might sound ironic, learning to invest when you’re dead-broke. However, learning how to use the stocks to your advantage can make your life a whole lot  easier. Check out tools like Investopedia to get to grips with terminology and systems. It even has a virtual stock market for practicing.

4. Public speaking

Improving your communication skills will take you further than any qualification. However, it’s not very often we get the opportunity to stretch our public speaking confidence – thankfully. However, by joining a local radio station or hosting community events will really bolster you confidence.