How To Save *Loads* Of Money On Your Friday Night Uber

Thank goodness it’s Friday! When the clock strikes 4:30 (let’s be honest here) the euphoric TGIF moment becomes reality. What this moment represents is the maximum amount of free time you’ll have until you have to start thinking about work again. Today we’ve got some great travel tips if you’re getting home in an Uber from the big city.

So picture this: you leave whatever bar/club you’ve been stumbling around in, not realising they’ve been playing that Panda song for 45 minutes straight and you need to get home. The tubes are shut and you’re the kind of person that wouldn’t dare take a night bus.

But an Uber on a Friday? Isn’t that more expensive than a limo? Normally, yes, but we’ve got some tips to save you money on any Uber you clamber into tonight.

1. Facebook Messenger

I’m not sure how well known this is but the partnership between Facebook and Uber means you can hail a car from the messenger app. Open a new messenger and click the ‘More’ option and save yourself a bit of cash. This isn’t guaranteed to work because Facebook are always tinkering with their products but consider this Plan A.

2. Take advantage of new user promos

The chances are that you’re going out with someone who has never used an Uber. Uber offer a butt-load of promotions to new users so make sure you tactically decide who’s signing up for a brand new Uber account in pre-drinks.

3. Exploit Uber support

This one is not for the ethically minded so if you have a problem with taking down fat-cat corporations, keep scrolling. Basically, on the day before you’re going out, message someone from Uber Support about a mildly terrible ride you’ve had in the past. Threaten to sign off their service. If they call your bluff, close the chat and starting whining to another Uber support worker until you get at least one free ride.

4. Cross the road

Getting picked up outside of a busy club is complete madness. Uber and cabs surge prices in busy areas so hot-foot it through a few back-alleys and you’ll find yourself saving a few quid each.

5. Create a referral chain

Like any good business, car companies relies on referrals to get customers. Start a referral chain among you friends wherein you’ve always got one referral promotion to hand!