Imagine If Your Bank Gave You An Electric Shock Everytime You Overspent…

We think about shock collars on animals as inhumane and cruel. Which, without debate, they are. But what if you take the same system and voluntary implement it upon your person.

What if you’re so bad at managing your money that you need a literal shock accessory to condition you to not overspend? Welcome to 2016.

As BBC report, Intelligent Environments has launched a platform which can link to the Pavlok wristband, which delivers a 255 volt shock, to your bank account. So basically, if your account goes below a certain limit you get a big old shock from your stylish wristband.

“This can’t be real” you think. But, unfortunately, that’s how terrible human willpower has become. We literally have to train ourselves to not live beyond our means.

Image credit: Pavlok

Some reports are more focused on the shocking element of the system and I don’t mean, like, surprising, I mean the literal shocking. 

The Pavlok wristband is designed to help you break terrible habits by sending a shock up your person as well as potentially sending an embarrassing “I failed message” to your social media accounts.

Here’s a hypothetical: you’re out in the city for drinks. You offer to buy the next round even though you know it’s way over your budget. As you tap your card on the machine paying for your drinks, a signal is sent from your phone to your Pavlok bracelet.

As you lift the drinks off the bar counter your whole body rattles violently. You spill the drinks everywhere. How embarrassing…

This is another example of what is being called the Internet of Things: “the idea of connected devices communicating with each other as well as their owners”.

So, smart technology, in short.

But is this a bad thing? Is anyone worried that our infatuation with everything being connected will become a reliance? Will we all end up like those blob people in Wall-E? Only time will tell.

That’s long-term thinking. In the short-term, if you do have a reputation to overspend, maybe this is the shock you need.