One company released all their employees’ salaries… and the reaction will amaze you

My mum always told me to never ask people what their political leaning were and how much money they made. Well, this one company has gone and tossed my mum’s etiquette standards right off the deck since they haphazardly decided to release their entire workforces salaries to the public domain.

If you’ve got an inferiority complex or morbid curiosity, then you have to check out this public spreadsheet from the US tech start-up, Buffer. It features every employee’s annual salaries from the CEO, Joel, all the way down to ‘Happiness Hero’ Mick who seems to have the lowest salary at a decent $46,100.

Image credit: Buffer

Image credit: Buffer

Joel Gascoigne (CEO) decided to publish the salaries of his workers online through social media on a whim. Speaking to Huffington Post UK, he said: “No one else does it, and we thought there must be a very good reason for that”. You have to admire his ability to poke the elephant in the room and my ability to seamlessly blend two clichés together.

Gascoigne describes this ‘transparent’ practice as just another step towards an ‘open culture’ in business wherein employees are much happier and more relaxed. While of course Gascoigne would feel good about revealing his salary ($218,000) he attests to that his employees felt it ‘natural’.

“The decision has made it a more enjoyable place to work”. Gascoigne says, pointing out that when salaries are out in the open: “a lot of the politics can go away”.

How would you feel if your boss published your salary online?