#MoneyHacks 5 ways to organise your wallet

It’s money month over on List for Life. Whether you’re spending, saving or splurging (payday is on the horizon people!) we’ve got the hacks and tips that you need. Throughout April we will be treating you to a handily collated tips for the poor and rich to keep a roof above your head and your wallet in check.

Today’s Money Hack is a simple and effective way of getting your financial life steady. It might sound inane and pointless but believe me when I say, having an organised wallet will save you a lot of hassle in the future.

This is just one example but hear me out. Think about losing your wallet. Sorry, but it might happen. Think about all the phone calls you’d have to make and money you’d have to move around. If you had your wallet organised you’d have sorted your cards out into primary and secondary priority meaning that some might be at home safe and sound.

It’s little changes like this in your wallet that can make a world of difference and actually save you some £££.

1. Keep your notes neat

There’s no easier way to lose notes that having them folded stupidly in the corner of your wallet and there’s no easier way to feel stupid then realising you had enough money for that cab all along.

2. Sort your cards on a priority basis

As I mentioned before, sorting your cards according to how often you use them results in only benefits. You probably don’t need them all so decide what you need at all times (driving licence, current account debit etc) and what you consider secondary (emergency credit cards, gift cards, memberships).

3. Clear out the receipts

The easiest way to lose a receipt isn’t actually by taking it out of your wallet and placing it somewhere safe, it’s actually by keeping it in your wallet. get yourself a receipt box or clip for important purchases. Guys, it’s super simple stuff.

4. Consider going digital

Hang on, it’s 2016, why are we even talking about “paper”?! New tech means you can pay digitally with Apple Pay, store your reward cards and even your plane tickets on your phone.

5. Loose change under 50p can get lost

Get yourself a change jar. Not going to beat about the bush with this one. Keeping change in your wallet is just not an option and no-one likes it when you walk around sounding like a metallic maraca.