MoneyHacks: 11 ways to stay frugal as told by the richest of the rich

It’s money month over on List for Life. Whether you’re spending, saving or splurging (payday is on the horizon people!) we’ve got the hacks and tips that you need. Throughout April we will be treating you to a handily collated tips for the poor and rich to keep a roof above your head and your finances in check.

Today we’re going to dig into the strangely frugal habits of all the world’s multi-millionaires who didn’t let their wealth get in the way of their saving habits. From Mark Zuckerberg to Jay Leno, at some point most of these money-machines weren’t rich. They lived within their means just like you and I.

When the wealth called upon them, some habits just weren’t lost. We suppose that if you’re used to living a certain way, especially if you get rich later on in life, it’s hard to shake your saving methods. Old habits die hard and all of that.

We’ve told the story of Elon Musk’s challenge to live on a dollar a day. In an experiment to see if he could, the Tesla innovator managed to survive on a diet of oranges and rice which is a far-cry from the lifestyle he lives now with a net worth of something $8.6 billion.

This infographic below from Buddy Loans shows how Elon Musk and many other billionaires still live frugally despite being rich beyond rich. Everyone from Mark Zuckerberg to Beyonce all have maintained saving habits from their days before wealth. Things like living in the same house for £50, resoling the same leather shoes year after year and even sticking to a strict shopping list.

It’s strange to think that billionaire’s even consider the benefits of saving. Most of these leaders couldn’t spend their money faster than they’re earning it so their actions must be determined by habit and logic. These are the kind of rich people we should all strive to be.

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Image credit: Buddy Loans