7 ways to save a TON of money without trying

So you’ve got that brand new job you were desperate for, and have just moved into a fancy new flat. But now that half your pay packet goes on rent and bills, and the other half goes on living, you’re in a bit of a sticky situation.

Well did you know that you can actually save a whole wad of cash without actually trying very hard. Trust us.

Here are seven ways to save some serious dough with minimal effort.

1. Transfer window

First things first, set up an automated transfer to your savings account of a percentage of your monthly salary. It takes two ticks to set up and you won’t have to worry at all after that. You’ll instantly have more money tucked away for a rainy day.

2. £2 party

This is a nifty trick we hadn’t heard of until recently, but it’s a lifesaver. All you’ll need is a small spare purse and a half decent memory (we know which one we’d struggle with…)

Every time you pay for something and receive a £2 coin in your change, pop it in your extra purse, don’t spend it!

Eventually you’ll be quids in and the envy of all your mates.

3. You’re out of credit, for good

Leave the credit card alone! You can still do the odd transaction to build up your credit rating, but pay it off in full every month and rarely use it.

Getting addicted to charging everything to the card is a slippery slope, and can soon leave you super short of money.

4. Make your own coffee

How many of us grab a much needed shot of caffeine each morning on the way to work?

But a couple of quid each morning for a whole year soon starts to add up. So make your own when you get up and pack it away in a toasty flask. Then watch the pennies mount up.

5. Have a light bulb moment

We mean literally, by the way. Have a moment with your light bulbs and replace them. Old bulbs are much less efficient than newer energy-saving versions, so get down to B&Q and save a ton of cash.

6. Stop the money flowing

Installing a water flow regulator in your shower head – for around a tenner – and save up to 60% on your water bill. It’s a no brainer.

7. De-subscribe detox

How many random sign-ups have you performed in your life? We bet there are a few rogue subscription fees leaking out of your account each month simply because you’ve forgotten to cancel them.

So delete that Deezer account (who even uses it now?) and cancel your Amazon Prime subcription – you haven’t even got the money to order things at the moment!

Now what?