Mastercard plan to implement selfies into their security measures

Security technology evolves at the rate that criminals are able to break through it. If you believe you’ve created the ultimate vault which then gets broken into, you’re going to have design better vault. Similarly, Mastercard, fearing credit fraud, are rolling out a new strategy to fight it – selfies.

As the Huffington Post reports, Mastercard revealed its new “selfie pay” feature which allows cardholders to use an image of their face to verify their identity when making payments online. Face recognition software has been around for a while, so why are Mastercard the first company to make use of it?

The program will work through an app on their phone. Customers will still have to input their details, the selfies will work as an extra security measure. But we know what you’re thinking. Can’t frauds just use photos of faces to bypass the security? Mastercard have thought of everything – users will have to blink to prove their identity.

The head of international markets for Mastercard said this of their breakthrough: “There are a whole range of biometrics that say ‘I’m me, I’m making a payment’ and it just makes the whole thing more secure.”

However, as with everything that involves biometrics, privacy will become a huge hot-topic. Hackers might not be able to authenticate purchases on your behalf, but who’s to say they can’t access hundreds-of-thousands of faces at the click of a button? A similar threat is being discussed in reference to the Apple encryption controversy going on right now. The difference being that the threat in the latter is the government – what a strange world we live in.