Seven Ways To Make More Money Selling Your Stuff On eBay

Okay, so you’re a student or maybe just unemployed. You don’t have a job but what you do have is heaps of unwanted stuff taking up space in your room. Thanks to the miracle that is eBay you can turn that stuff into cold, hard cash while creating valuable bedroom real estate.

Whether you’ve got a hefty DVD collection or even a wardrobe fit to bursting, what is useless to you might be the deal of the century for someone else. However, you’re not in a position to be dealing in hand-outs. To be able to rinse your eBay sells for maximum pennies, you’ve got to have a strategy.

Here are seven ways to make the most money from your eBay adventures.

1. Don’t sell for the sake of it

Some things you might want to sell now but will regret later. Similarly, there are other collectables that could be worth more further on down the line. Selling things that no-one wants, are in bad condition or aren’t complete is an easy way to commit eBay suicide.

2. Build your profile beforehand

Spend some time building up your eBay reputation and rating before starting to sell items of higher worth and rarity. The online marketplace is built on trust and a good rating goes a long way.

3. Work out your fees

As a seller, you should always have eBay’s additional costs at the front of your mind. You’re allowed to list 20 items per month and will be charged a 35p insertion fee from there. 10% of the total sale goes to eBay and an additional 3.4% goes if you use PayPal.

4. Swing low

Statistically, starting your bids ar 99p will result in a better sale. It will catch the eye of any bargain-hunters and could lead to a competitive bid-off. If you’re worried about giving someone too good of a deal, you can set a minimum price. (This means the item won’t be sold unless it reaches this minimum amount).

5. There’s no excuse not to take great photos

The eBay app means you can take photos straight from your phone and stick them on your listing within seconds. The clarity and quality of photos really determines interest so spend some time getting the lighting right and making sure your goofy reflection doesn’t show up.

6. Timing is everything

The general advise seems to point to Sunday evenings being the best time to end auctions. Think about the item and the timeliness of when you’re selling it. For example, if you’ve got stacks of mint Spider-Man comics, wait until the hype around his new film starts to build before you sell them.

7. Proof of Postage

For all that is holy, cover your back. One slip up can results in the brief demise of a budding eBay career.