Four *Absolute-Musts* To Do If You Lose Your Purse (You’ll Need This Someday)

Don’t panic, this was going to happen sooner or later. Losing or having your purse stolen is not the worst thing – it’s just an aggressive inconvenience. First thing to do in cancel all your cards and make sure you’re protected from fraud. Okay, now what?

Everyone will tell you the same things about getting your life back together post-purse loss but we’re here to drop some truth bombs about absolute-musts you might not have considered. Getting your wallet or purse back to it’s former glory might take a few weeks but in the meantime…

1. Inform your nearest and dearest

In the same way you sound the alarm klaxon when you lose your phone, it’s always worth letting your friends and family know you’re going to be without money for a few days. That might potentially lend you some pity cash which you can ‘forget’ to pay back. Free money!

2. Make photocopies of your replacement cards ASAP

Once you’ve accepted that your wallet or purse is long gone and you’ve replaced everything that was in there. Don’t make the same mistake as last time. Make photocopies of all of your cards (it makes recovering them so much easier) and start organising your wallet on a daily basis.

3. Actually file a police report

Regardless of whether you dropped it in the street or if it was taken from you, filing a police report is so important. A lot of people don’t bother based on some ungrounded claim that there’s ‘no point’. Grated, it doesn’t guarantee your wallet or purse found but if it increases your chances of finding it by 1%, then it’s worth the time.

Image credit: Giphy

Image credit: Giphy

4. Write down a list of everything that was in your purse

As soon as you accept that your wallet or purse is gone, make a list. The point of this is to prevent any further worry down the line when you forget that the gift receipt for something you want to return was in your wallet that was lost. It’s a minor hassle but by writing down the contents, you can use the inventory as a check-list of replacing what was taken from you!