How to help you AND your friends to spend less money

Saving money is really hard. You get some in and you just want to blow it. Here are four ways that you can help your friends spend less, and in turn help yourself.

Get a money-saving support network going with these ideas. Your new Prada handbag fund will start filling up in no time.

1. Have a clothes swap

That jacket your friend doesn’t like anymore would look so good with your new shoes. That jumper you bought which doesn’t fit and has been sitting unworn in your wardrobe is destined to go with her new skirt. Save some money by swapping clothes!

The best part is that if you decide that you want to wear something again which you have swapped, you will be able to borrow it back off your friend. If your friends don’t have anything that you want right now, you could always try this clothes swapping site Swishing.

2. Have a girlie night in

You’ve been wanting to try out that cool new bar, or that swanky new celeb-hangout restaurant for ages. Yet, it’ll cost you a bomb! Have a girl’s night in instead. Make some homemade cocktails and a playlist of all the songs you are loving at the moment. Getting ready is always the most fun part of going out anyway, right? So keep the party at home.

3. Put that designer bag down

If you find yourself in Topshop with that new coat in hand, walking subconsciously towards the till to blow a good chunk of your overdraft – STOP. Ring a friend and they will talk you out of purchasing something you cannot afford.

4. Hoard your coins

It may sound really old-fashioned, but if you make an effort to save all your loose change, it could add up. I often find myself throwing coppers in the bin (yes, really!) but if I had saved them all, I could go to a bank and trade them in for pound coins. Buy a stylish money jar or a cute piggy bank and watch your savings gradually grow.

If you are really concerned about your finances, visit Step Change for advice.