6 ways to get through your quarter life crisis ?

Your early twenties are the best time of your life right? You live away from your parents (hopefully), have a job or a course you’re studying on (hopefully) and the money that comes with it and you finally feel like a proper adult. Freedom’s just the best isn’t it? What quarter life crisis?

But then you realise, this is it now, isn’t it? Wake up, work, sleep, repeat. How on earth did it come to this?!?!?!?!

quarter life crisis

Now we’ve well and truly sparked your quarter-life crisis, here are six top tips on how to beat it. You can thank us later, we think…

1. Cross the generational divide

Why not try to spend time with people who aren’t permanently in ‘I can’t adult’ panic station mode?

Go visit your grandparents (‘We can’t remember the last time we saw you!’) or just chill with your parents for a weekend.

If you’re at a last resort, why not pay a visit to that niece or nephew you recently received¬†(gratefully?). Seeing a young child marvel at the world around them will do wonders for your mindset.

quarter life crisis2. Single is not your personality

We are not defined by our relationship status, so don’t spend every waking minute worrying you’re going to die alone and be miserable forever, because you won’t, we promise.

You’re far more likely to stumble across that extra special someone when you’re not looking anyway. So focus on doing something you love and live in the here and now.

3. Risky business

Taking risks is exciting, period. And if you don’t indulge your urges in your twenties you never will. So book that last minute holiday to Peru now. That will definitely help your quarter life crisis!

We follow the same tried and tested life patterns because we’re all scaredy-cats who are terrified of change. Kick that to the kerb and charge off in another direction from now on.

4. What do you want (or don’t want)?

This is a good time to work out what you love and what you absolutely detest doing.

Of course, not everyone can have a perfect idea of who they are and what they want out of life, but you know when you’re having a ton of fun right?

So file those times in the ‘I like this’ pile, and anything else goes in the ‘leave me alone’ drawer. The more you know yourself the more likely you are to be happy, and stay that way.

quarter life crisis5. Hobby-time

You’re stuck in a rut mainly because you keep doing the same things day in day out and you’re bored. That’s what a quarter life crisis is all about. So in order to break out from the mould, you need to change what you do all the time!

Now luckily for you there’s literally untold amounts of activities for you to get your head (and body) around. Be it volunteering at a shelter, taking up a new sport or indulging you passion for wildlife photography.

Just remember you aren’t powerless when it comes to the twenties struggle!

6. You-time is the best time

Being on your own can seem scary, but you need to be at ease with the lonesome life before you can really appreciate your own company.

This goes for relationships as well. If you’re just rushing from one unfulfilling relationship to another because of a crippling fear of being alone then you won’t achieve true happiness.