Are grads becoming too fussy with the jobs they’ll accept?

It’s important not to make rash career decisions or to settle for just any job offer you’re given. Trust us, it will pay off in the long run to take your time and accept a graduate job that suits YOU.

However, there’s a lot to be said for the picky graduates from elite universities whose indecisiveness left over 1000 perfectly good and paying (!) jobs empty last year.

The Independent reports that High Fliers Research has uncovered the statistics behind all the vacant desks across the country. It turns out that the number of unfilled jobs of 2015 is the highest since 1994!

This kind of dilly-dallying wouldn’t have been accepted  in 2010 when there were fewer than 100 jobs left empty across the country.

Today’s graduates are being labelled “increasingly choosy” about the jobs they take, usually negotiating offers until something better turns up. Is this a strong employment strategy or wasting everyone’s time?

As a result, employers are taking precautionary measures in their places of work including mentor programmes and open days so that flaky graduates don’t bail on their new jobs before they even begin.

The good news for ‘picky graduates’ is there is a further rise of jobs due of 7.5% this year, a study by High Filers research shows. Hopefully this increase in variety and quantity of employment opportunities will allow for more organised and less flippant graduate schemes.

However, be sure to get as much work experience as you can. The same study suggests that a third of this year’s graduate positions are likely to be filled by those who have worked for the organisation previously so get proactive!

Now what?