Our favourite tech Deals Of The Day picked by us, for you!

We’re a good few weeks into April now and our money month continues on! Most of y’all would have been paid by now so (and I write this with no judgement) the bank accounts are probably starting to look thin right about now. Luckily, our deals of the day are here to save you a bundle on loads of restaurants, products and days out you might not have realised you wanted!

While yesterday we looked into how much money you could save if you’re the kind of person that loves putting their body at risk in a manner of adventuring but today is dedicated to the tech heads among you. These deals are catered for those looking to spruce up their home and lives with a selection of gadgets both big and small for low prices.

1. Google Chromecast streaming plug-in – £18.95

If you, like me, refuse to pay a TV licence fee and are sick of watching your favourite shows on your laptop, this little USB dongle is perfect. Stick it into any telly and you’ll have access to all your favourite streaming sites like Netflix, Youtube and BBC IPlayer. It’s less than £20 and could save you straining your eyes watching the season finale of Walking Dead on your tiny screen (no spoilers).

2. PS4 Console 500GB + Call of Duty Black Ops III – £269.99

Once upon a time (a few years ago) you were looking at something closer to £500 for this bargain. If you’ve yet to jump into the new generation of games, take it from someone who has burnt the vast majority of his adolescence with a controller in his hands, this is definitely worth investing in. Call of Duty is alright too.

3. SanDisk 64GB USB drive – £13.99

I’d wager we all own more than one USB drive needlessly. This whopping 64GB monster has enough space for backing up the majority of your important files and/or movie collection. For less than £15, how could you pass this up?