Facebook Will Now Awkwardly Remind Your Friends If They Owe You Money…

Facebook messenger has taken a lot of forms over the years. Once a way to private message people about things that were too sensitive for wall posts, it’s now considered Facebook’s primary function. However, Zuckerberg is changing the messenger app into something very awkward and very money orientated.

We’re not sure if this feature has landed in the UK yet, but Messenger have introduced polls for group chats to get the group consensus on things like dinner locations and what time everyone should meet up… democracy has been established in the digital world.

This feature is destined to bring people closer together but that won’t last long. Facebook Messenger is also bringing in a feature that reminds your friends that they owe you money. Totally not passive-aggressive at all….


We understand the need for this feature. How many times have you bought a round of drinks or covered someone’s dinner and never seen that money again?

The way this feature works is that the smart app has been updated to keep an eye out for phrases like ‘owe me’ and ‘IOU’ and ‘Pay me or I’ll come to your house in the middle of the night and…’ – you get the idea.

I’m interested to see if people would actually use this feature. It’s for sure the easiest and least confrontational way of getting money from your friends. However, like every other Facebook messenger, it’s even easier to just ignore these messages and not pay your friends back.

I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, it’s just easily exploited by bad friends…

Facebook is trying to be the ultimate communication hub by taking elements of Snapchat, Twitter and now Venmo/Paypal.

We’re all for trying to squeeze as much out of apps as possible but maybe Facebook should spend time trying to bully money out of people’s friends and sort the loading times of their video player out.