The ESSENTIAL Deals Of The Day you didn’t realise you wanted

We’re a good few weeks into April now and our money month continues on! Most of y’all would have been paid by now so (and I write this with no judgement) the bank accounts are probably starting to look thin right about now. Luckily, our deals of the day are here to save you a bundle on loads of restaurants, products and days out you might not have realised you wanted!

Today we’ve got a hefty bundle of good stuff for you to spend your hard-earned on! Whether you’re looking for a brand new LED, big-as-you-like television for your bedroom or den, the most reasonable three-course meal you’ve ever bought in a bar made of ice or a cheap entrance to the world of ‘hot yoga’ – our deals of the day have got you covered.

1. Three course dinner at ICEBAR London – £36.00

If you’re an avid Instagram enthusiast, without having been to ICEBAR, it will really feel as if you’ve been to ICEBAR. At some point you’ve seen the adorable/nauseating couple photos on your timeline of your smiley peers clutching ice-glasses in dopey looking blue fur hoodies. Now you can be a part of this shared with a three course meal and ICEBAR experience (with drinks) for less than £40!

Image credit: Instagram - @IcebarLondon

Image credit: Instagram – @IcebarLondon

2. Samsung LED 32″ HD TV – £169.99

If you’re in the market for a telly, why wait? There’s no point buying a TV that’s not on sale because when they do go on sale, the prices are exorbitantly low. This cracking telly-box is big enough for any bedroom or lounge and comes with a one-year warranty!

Image credit: Ebay

Image credit: Ebay

3. Five sessions of Hot Yoga – £19.00

How can you pass up an 81% saving? Especially on five sessions of something called ‘Hot Yoga’, sounds fun, right?! Located a few minutes from Canary Wharf, this style of yoga features breathing and posture exercises in a rook heated to 40 degrees. It’s designed to work every muscle in the body and detox through oxidising your bloodstream to levels it’s usually not accustom to.

Image credit: Instagram - @Jenna_Yoga

Image credit: Instagram – @Jenna_Yoga