Deals of the Day to get excited for our Mindfulness Month

Today marks the last day of List For Life’s finance month and thus the closure of our Deals of The Day feature. If you’ve been enjoying them so far we’re glad you’ve been having fun while saving some money! But a new dawn is upon us, one that aims to help you become mindful.

If this is the first you’ve heard of this feature, there’s still time to go back over the past deals and see if they haven’t expired. Be it food, days out or tech, we’ve still got the deals that you need in your life.

Since the next month will have us introducing our Midday Moments, we thought we’d incorporate mindfulness with deals to make sure you can prepare for the most relaxed month of your life on the cheap!

1. One Hour Massage, Islington – £19

Mindfulness doesn’t always need to be focussed on the brain and soul, a fit body begets a fit mind. A massage is one of the most affordable ‘luxury’ experiences (if you want to call it that) especially with this kind of deal attached to it.

Open seven days a week, this Islington spa could provide the perfect post-work relief that you’ve been looking for. However, as massage hobbyists will tell you, once you try professional massages, you’ll be hooked on them.

2. Mindfulness based CBT Diploma Course – £29

Sometimes the best way to feel more mindful about yourself is by helping others. The cynics of the world may object but people are, by default, generous creatures. This course has been slapped with 91% reduction and can be completed from the comfort of your home. It addresses anxiety, depression and other personal issues. Understanding the mechanics behind mindfulness can often lead to a better application of it.

3. Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival –  £9

What better way to celebrate Mindfulness Month than attending (probably) the best celebration of mental, spiritual and physical wellness in London. Featuring a variety of workshops and demonstrations, this could be the most enriching day out of your life.