The ‘Deals Of The Day’ you can’t afford to miss as picked by List for Life

It’s money month over on List for Life. Whether you’re spending, saving or splurging (payday is on the horizon people!) we’ve got the hacks and tips that you need. Throughout April we will be treating you to a handily collated list of deals for your spending, saving and splurging pleasure!

Today we’ve got a great selection whether you’re looking for a brand new horror experience like no other that will curdle your stomach but also ignite some serious nostalgia, a life affirming selection of lectures from Penguin or an exciting trip to a world-renowned circus that guarantees a zany and memorable night out.

Check out our top three Deals Of The Day below!

1. Goosebumps Alive – £25.00

There are a lot of events companies out there profiting off of nostalgia and who can blame them? The most recent of the revived 90s embodiments is the Goosebumps Alive experience at The Vaults below Waterloo Station. Featuring 19 rooms that host all the classic and nightmare-inducing scene from R.L Stein’s most popular creations. You can finally stand up to your childhood fears with 47% off a ticket.

2. Penguin Life Events – £12.00

If you frequent this website at all, you’ll know we’re big fans of inspiring talks. There is no Londoner out there who couldn’t use a pep-talk now and again and this collection of talks from Penguin across April and May sets out to raise spirits and chins. Whether you’re looking to get fit, improve your career prospects or find out why you can’t get motivated, this collection of four talks from Penguin will be perfect.

3. Zippo Circus – £9.30

The archetypal family trip out is the circus and there has been no better brand of circus in the last 30 years than Zippo. Hosted by Norman Barrett MBE, witness a fantastic array of talents including death-defying acrobats, foot juggling and something called ‘The Wheel of Death’…