Best ‘Deals Of The Day’ picked by List for Life

It’s money month over on List for Life. Whether you’re spending, saving or splurging (payday is on the horizon people!) we’ve got the hacks and tips that you need. Throughout April we will be treating you to a handily collated list of deals for your spending and saving pleasure!

Today we’ve got a great selection whether you’re looking for a drinking and meal experience at masterchef curated Oxford Circus restaurant, want to experience some world class acting as George Orwell’s 1984 is re-imagined for the stage this June or whether you want to get over 90% reduction on an online sports and exercise course that would otherwise cost you north of £350!

Check out our top three Deals Of The Day below!

1. George Orwell’s 1984 at The Playhouse – £19.84

Located at the Playhouse theatre on Northumberland Avenue, the five star smash hit production of this dystopian masterpiece is back in the capital from 14th June and you can get discount tickets already. Watch the life of Winston Smith come alive on stage in this creative and boundary pushing re-imagining of the classic novel. More resonant now then ever, this is a performance you shouldn’t miss out on.

2. Chi Kitchen with ‘MasterChef’ winner Ping Coomes – £27.50

You think we’d be pulling something if we told you there’s a deal for a three course meal and bottomless prosecco for less than £30 off of Oxford Street. As curated by 2014 MasterChef winner, Ping Coombes, this pan-Asian dining experience that features dishes like Katsu Curry, Laksa Kahwin, Salted Egg Calamari and Coconut and Pandan Pannacotta can’t be missed!

3. Sports and Exercise course – £29.00

When it comes to these daily deals we’re always looking for the sweet 50% tag, however, what we’ve got here is a whopping 92% reduction on an online sports and exercise course. Fair enough, you probably wouldn’t pay £395.00 for 10 webinars, but for under £30 it’s not a bad investment.