Badly paid part-time jobs are stopping young parents from working

As more and more young people are having to take up multiple jobs, the nature of low paying part-time work in London is becoming an increasingly serious issue among first-time and young parents.

According to the London Assembly, via the BBC, new mothers are struggling to find part-time work to balance with their childcare, now more than ever. In fact, only 60% of women with dependent children, living in London are currently working compared to the 69% in the rest of the UK.

The problem of parents not being able to live in London and support their families stems from the low paying circumstances of part-time work. Nearly half of all 18-24 year olds working part-time are paid less than the London living wage of £9.40 an hour.

More than 66% of hotel workers and retail staff currently earn less than this living wage. The London Assembly are currently calling for the next Mayor of London to make LLW compulsory for all businesses in 2020.

The Assembly said that: “London’s economy, while successful, is not as productive as pre-recession trends implied; and many of the available jobs, particularly in the low pay sectors, are far from fulfilling.”

When it comes to recent mothers, the current state of affairs make it very difficult for young mums to return to work after having children if they are not paid enough to cover the childcare costs they would need.

The systemic problem is that the current economic system forces women to downgrade if they want to start a family in London.

Emma Stewart of the Timewise Foundation says that: “The answer is to encourage employers to think about how open they could be to part-time or flexible working at the point of hire.”

What now?