Image credit: Instagram - @Songofstyle

10 AMAZING household hacks for when you’re on a budget

We talk a lot of career hacks here at List For Life. How to increase your productivity, how to make your commute better, how to negotiate a pay-rise etc, etc. All these things make working life quicker and more efficient but what about the weekends? We shirk our duties in providing quality household hacks for those of you on a budget.

Well that stops today! Household items can be ludicrously expensive. Things like dishwasher tablets, fly-traps and steel wool can put you back a lot of money over the course of the year. We can’t imagine anyway reading this plans on looking over their Tesco receipts and calculating how much they spent of dishwasher tablets but you get the idea.

This brilliant video from HouseholdHacker runs you through 10 easy and ingenious household hacks you might not have ever thought of. If you can get past the narraters on-the-nose enthusiasm, you might be able to save yourself quite a bit of money.

Here are some of our favourite household hacks from the video:

  • Make your own dishwasher tablets: combine baking soda, half a cup of salt, some lemon juice and washing soda. Mix it until it’s mouldable and store your mix in freezer trays before putting them in the freezer. Once solid they can be used for perfect dishes every time.
  • Carpet spills: Instead of messing around with dabbing, put some corn starch on the stain and let it chill there for 15 minutes. It’ll soak up all that spilt grease. Just hoover up the starch for clean carpets once again!
  • Tangled cables: Everyone has that one draw full of discarded cables and chargers. To organise them quickly, use old toilet paper tubes to slip your cables into and make them easy to store.
  • Clean greasy pans: Instead of buying new steel pans every time your’s get grease build up, fill the base of the pan with vinegar and put the hob on high heat. Once you start seeing grease lift off, rinse the pan and add some baking powder for a shiny finish.