7 ways to keep warm this winter (and save on your heating bill)

Winter is most definitely here, and we’ve broken out the blanket scarves like good old Lenny Kravitz here. 

To avoid arguments with flatmates over heating bills, but at the same time stop you from getting frostbite and losing a valuable digit, you need to find alternative ways to keep warm. Try any one of these 7, or maybe all at once!

1. Make a brew

Hot drinks are a great place to start if you’re feeling the cold. Combine a steaming hot coffee with a lot of layers and you’ll be sweating it out in no time.

2. Get moving

Exercise is one obvious way to keep warm, because a work-out will get your blood pumping and have you feeling the heat in no time. We’re not talking an intense spin class – even just a brisk walk outside or a few star jumps will help you out.

3. Cover up from top to bottom

Chuck on a hat to keep yourself warm. A cold head does lower your core body temperature quicker, so covering it up will keep a little heat in.

The same goes for your toes – grab some thick socks to keep those feet from freezing over.

4. Learn to bake

Turn on that oven and break out Paul Hollywood’s latest recipes. Your kitchen will heat up quickly and will put a stop to a rising heat bill. Plus at the end of it you’ll have freshly baked goods, so it’s a win win situation.

5. Grab a hot water bottle

Rather than turning to an electric blanket, which will add on to your electricity bill, grab a hot water bottle and cuddle that for warmth. Have one ready for when you jump into bed so the cold sheets don’t stun you.

6. Lighten up

On a day when the sun is bright despite the winter chill, get all the natural light you can into your house as a natural heat source.

Inversely, when the sun sets, keep all your curtains shut as a good source of insulation – the thicker the curtains the better!

7. Snuggle up

Perhaps not one for work, but cosy up to your friend, flatmate or family member and huddle up for warmth.

Now what?