7 ways to be a money-making entrepreneur NOW

Wouldn’t you like to be richer this year? Entrepreneurs don’t always have big ideas and big bank accounts to set them off. You may not be the next Mark Zuckerberg, but you don’t need to be with our top money-making tips.

Here are seven easy ways you can make money quickly with just an entrepreneurial spirit to get you started. No ground-breaking business plans or skills of any kind required.

1. It pays to sell

There are so many different websites out there now to sell things on, eBay is just one of them. Try using Depop – it’s free (no fees like eBay) and secure because you get paid through Paypal. Then you can spend the money you have earned selling your old clothes, accessories, bags and shoes on a whole new wardrobe. What could be better? You can also shop the wardrobes of celebs and bloggers including Chiara Ferragni.

2. Be a ‘Rent a Friend’

This is a real, legitimate website. Get paid to be someone’s friend/ date to that party they have been dreading going to alone. Make someone’s night just like in the film The Wedding Date.

3. Write music reviews for cash

Sit at home, relax, listen to some music and…get paid for it? Yes you really can with Slice the Pie. This is a relatively unknown way of making some extra cash but the site pays for music reviews before songs are released. Doing this is also a cool way to get to hear the latest music before it’s available to everyone else. You’re friends will be very envious.

4. Become a mystery shopper

Get paid to shop and review your experience. Yes, really! Go undercover, snoop around the shop and take some sneaky snaps. Then get paid for it. So easy.

5. Become an online language tutor

There are loads of websites now looking for people to teach languages over the internet. All you need to do is sign up and fill in an application form and then the company sorts out the rest – scheduling your sessions and getting your payment to you.

6. Test out websites

The Work at Home Woman has a list of 11 websites that will pay you to do reviews for them. Bloggers and companies lose money if their website is losing traction, followers or customers, so they will pay people to test them out. Most tests take between 5-25 minutes and you get paid. Amazing!

7. Recycle your mobile 

Sell your old phone for cash. Well it’s better than it sitting in a drawer doing nothing! You could also recycle your old books, CDs and DVDs.