7 great websites to help YOU save money

Many of us, myself included, aren’t always so savvy when it comes to cash. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I know my money goes places without so much as a goodbye.

Thankfully there are loads of brilliant apps and websites you can use to keep track of your spending, whether you need help learning to save, organising your bills or simply figuring out where you’re going wrong.

1. Level Money

This app acts as a massive reality check for your spending. It analyses all of your transactions and offers feedback as to where you’re wasting money, where you can spend more, and generally how to manage your finances. Because it tailors to your personal spending the tips are useful rather than generic so you can apply them to everyday life.

2. Digit

If like me you struggle to save and don’t know where you’re going wrong, Digit will look out for you. It tracks your spending habits and then every few days takes a small amount of money to hide in a savings account, so you’re saving without any effort.

3. Mint

A money-management app you can keep to hand on your phone, Mint lets you keep an eye on all of your transactions as well as setting reminders for bills and setting yourself a budget. Mint also sends you tips on how to manage your money based on your transactions.

4. Mint Bills

Mint Bills, which falls under the Mint umbrella, focuses solely on your bills. You can pay directly from the app, schedule payments and receive reminders and alerts when you’re running low.


5. Good Budget

See how much you spend via this handy app. It lets you link up your bank accounts and sync transactions, keep track of spending and see how much you have left and what you have to set aside for important transactions like bills.


6. MoneyWiz

MoneyWiz does all the usual like keeping track of your accounts and budgeting, but also helps to get you out of debt. The app teaches you about your spending and earning and compares it to other markets.


7. LearnVest

A free finance company aimed at teaching young people how to manage their money, LearnVest will allow you to link multiple bank accounts and keep track of all of your transactions.

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