5 ways to avoid falling out with flatmates over bills

There’s nothing like the winter cold for getting BFFs shouting at each other.

But don’t let the dull business of who owes what for heating and electricity split you guys up. Apart from wasting time you could be having huge amounts of fun with, it doesn’t make for a friendly living atmosphere.

Instead, make this list of 5 ways to avoid arguments over bills obligatory house literature, and enjoy a toasty flat temperature without the heated rows.

1. Engage brain

If your flatmate is known for being hot all the time (even in floaty dress at 2am on Shoreditch High Street), then it’s not a good idea to stick her in the only room with a massive radiator, is it? Avoid arguments by planning ahead.

2. Sneaky isn’t sensible

Whatever you agree hours and temperature level wise, stick to it. Cheaters are everywhere and you can bet your life you and your housemates will be tempted to sneak down one evening and change the thermostat for an extra cosy morning in bed the next day. But don’t give in. It’s not fair on your friends, and let’s face it, you’d hit the roof if you caught someone else at it.

3. Lean on your landlord

If the flat isn’t properly insulated or electrically unsound, the person to get mad at isn’t your flat mate, it’s that lovely, decent fellow who only comes calling once a month for rent.

Withhold money, call day and night, literally do anything to get their attention or they’ll continue to try and con you out of things like wall insulation and working radiators. The bad ones anyway…

4. Pick your apartment perfectly

One way to avoid icicles growing on door handles in December is to avoid living in a glorified hole. This means choosing your living space very carefully, and not settling due to time constraints. It might make the flat hunt period a little longer, but it’ll be worth it. We promise.

5. Flatmate no. 1, come on down…

Turning the bills debacle into a competition is an ideal way to get everyone on the same page cost wise. If you all agree to put in £20 to a winners pot for the person who is the last to decide to turn the heating on it’ll create an incentive to live economically. Plus there’ll be no arguments apart from which bar to spend the winnings at.

Now what?