5 life hack tips to help you save money on rent

The nights are drawing in and with extra heating expenses on top of rent (thanks to our good friend winter) your bank account suddenly  isn’t looking too healthy.

Start gearing up for the chilly months and clamp down on spending. No, we don’t mean cutting nights out and doing less shopping, nothing quite so drastic. Here are seven genius tips to help you save money on rent, the easy way. Little to no effort required!

1. Unfurnished isn’t so bad

Lets face it, your rent is going to be significantly cheaper if you don’t expect a sofa when you arrive. Sure it’s a pain to get the stuff yourself, but sites like Freecycle and Gumtree mean you could potentially kit out your entire apartment for free! Now that’s something we can get on board with.

2. Check agency fees

Who wants to be shelling out up to a month’s rent to pay for that estate agent’s Christmas bonus? Gross. So before you head to a viewing, check how much the expected agency fee is for your chosen company, or prepare to get whacked with a huge extra charge.

3. Going underground?

Factor in travel costs to work each day because there’s no point saving a ton on rent if you’re dossing down in zone five. You’ll only be paying a fortune on train travel. Check if there’s a bus route close to your street too as they are usually cheaper than trains and tubes.

4. Don’t be afraid to haggle

It’s okay to argue, you know? Rent prices are often negotiable. You’ll need some ammunition though, so why not try noting down any flaws you notice during a viewing?

5. Are you an intermediate?

We bet you’ve never heard of the Intermediate Rent Scheme have you? It’s offered by housing associations and provides an opportunity to rent a brand new refurbished home – or a home that is being re-let – at less than the market rate (up to 80%). It’s a no-brainer if you qualify, so have a look!

Now what?