5 simple ways to make a profit from your hobby

We all have a hobby which we enjoy very much (if you don’t then get a hobby otherwise you’re not going to enjoy this). We use them as stress relievers and telephone lines to our more human selves. But just because they have deep roots in what is considered sacred, doesn’t mean it’s unethical to exploit your hobby to make some dollar.

It is your hobby after all. People telling you how to use it/where to stick it can go suck a lemon. It’s hard out in the big city and if you want to survive, you’ve got to learn how to hustle. Part of that is making use of what you’ve got SO here are five simple ways to use your hobby to make some serious bank.

1. E-Commerce

In the old days you couldn’t just wake up one morning and think to yourself: “you know what? I’m going to open a corner shop this afternoon”. It might have happened like once in human history.

Fortunately, it’s 2016 and you can literally do that. Using online tools you can set up an E-Commerce site where internet users to trade their money for your music or hand-made bassonettes or whatever kooky concoction you’ve taken your hand to.

2. Get others involved

The other week I was at a moderately high-class birthday party (the type of parties I don’t often attend). In one of the rooms, a three piece jazz band had been hired to provide music for the night. As well as phenomenal musicians, these three guys appeared to be close friends and very young. This is the key. Find a group of friends who are willing to help or contribute to your cause.

3. Take a picture/video and circulate

The internet is an unpredictable and amazing tool. By posting a few pictures online, you can create an immediate fan base. This very thing happened to a 16 year-old game designer a few months ago and now he’s commissioned to build a full feature game!

4. Find a related job

If the grifting game isn’t for you then why not go the more conventional route of applying for jobs. Even if you’re not technically qualified, if you’re talented enough at your hobby and have good work ethic, you’re as employable as anyone else.

5. Keep having fun with it

The trick is to not let the passion die. As soon as you put that guitar or sketch-book down for too long you skills might deteriorate. The only way of making profit from your hobby is to be good at it and practice makes perfect!