5 money-saving hacks for Freshers’ Week

It’s super tempting to blow loads of money during Fresher’s week. New clothes, club entry fees, taxis home, drunken takeaway orders all to be funded by that seemingly huge loan that just dropped into your account. However, even those £1 shots in the student union bar all eventually add up.

Here are five money-saving hacks so you don’t overspend and then have to live off beans on toast for the rest of term.

1. Check out offers

If you do really want to buy a new party outfit check out online deals, such as those at ASOS, who are offering 20 per cent off to students. For non-clothing items, Argos is another great website – the store currently has loads of student offers. Student Beans also features deals all year round, and getting your hands on an NUS card will be one of the best decisions you’ll make.

2. Don’t order in takeaway

After a night out, a take-away can seem like the ideal option. However, it’s also super pricey, so cook at home instead of getting a Papa Johns. Stock up your freezer with frozen pizzas and avoid that shocking ‘drunk food’ bill in the morning.

3. Budget

Taking out cash is a good way to keep track of your spending. Make a budget for the week, and factor in food and Freshers’ night out spending. Then try not to spend more on other things. If you want a manicure wait an extra week to get it done as a treat, or eat food a already in your cupboards before doing another supermarket run.

4. Don’t lend

If anyone asks you if they can “borrow a fiver” during Freshers’ Week and that they “promise to pay you back”, just say no. You might never see them again in the rest of your time at uni, and you definitely won’t see that money! You’re not being tight, you’re just looking after your budget.

5. Try not to buy new clothes

If you must shop, milk your student discount for all it’s worth. Yet try not to buy new clothes. Just remember – to all these students around who have never met you before, ALL your clothes are new. Plan your outfits in advance, create a capsule wardrobe that you can mix and match, and add accessories to to elevate your looks. Be experimental with your sartorial choices and you’ll get noticed straight away!