5 high paying side-jobs to keep your bank account bolstered

Times are getting tough everyone will tell you. Well, not anyone over the age of 40. They seem to think things are easy now, which is why we all commute into our graduate jobs in Ubers and have made house deposits by the age of 25. The nation’s collective purse strings are tightening and you need to do something about it!

As flexible working becomes a more realistic style of work, freelance and temporary side-jobs are rising in popularity. Think of them as converting the free-time you spend re-watching Friends episodes into cold, hard cash.

Here are six high paying side-jobs to keep your bank account bolstered, courtesy of FlexJobs.

1. City-guide writer

There’s a feeling of euphoria that comes with being consulted by a tourist in the city you live in. You must exude the essence of someone well acquainted with their surroundings. It turns out you can flip this information for some coin as a city-guide writer.

2. Sign-language interpreter

Pro-tip: You will probably need to know sign language for this and some sort of practice license. If you have either or both of these things, you can make a fair whack with these side-jobs and you get the added bonus of doing something good for someone that isn’t you!

3. Web designer

The world is full of brilliant minds with zero web knowledge. If you have any idea how to build web-sites you are automatically in the top 1% of people likely to be hired for side-jobs. There’s a reason building-sites like SquareSpace are doing so well, none of us know how web design works.

4. Transcriber

The bane of every journalist’s existence is transcribing interviews. Some would split their pay in half if it meant never having to listen to the same sentence three times to see if What’sHisFace from WhoCares.com said ‘commute’ or ‘cartoon’.

5. Proofreader 

Another nightmare for writers, you can profit off of their laziness. Whether it be dissertations, school curriculum or long-form features – writers will pay an agency to make sure they haven’t misspelled.