5 free apps that will make your job easier today

Struggling today with a mountain of work overflowing your desk? Give yourself an easy boost with the latest work apps that’ll make your job that little bit easier.

These five apps are designed to sit alongside your daily career goings-on and give a much needed helping hand. From organisational tools that’ll supercharge your productivity, to effortless networking aids, our list has got them all. You can thank us later.

1. Evernote

One of our fave apps is this handy notes app, but like you’ve never had one before. Designed to be completely internet savvy it allows users to literally capture anything on screen, from typing out notes to pocketing screenshots like never before.

2. Yammer

Yup, it’s only Facebook for careers. ‘But what about LinkedIn?’ I hear you cry. Well there’s a twist. Apart from being a million times more mobile friendly, Yammer is a much more company inclusive beast as well. A friendlier and frankly more fun environment than LinkedIn, Yammer will surely be knocking the blue networking giant off its perch very soon.

apps3. Business Building Secrets

Where can I find a huge stockpile of tips and advice for building my start-up into a world beating conglomeration? Good question, and one you have to have the answer to.

This app provides 100 plus tips for a better business, and says, “You’ll never run out of ideas to make money online or off.”

4. Indeed

On the lookout for a new job? Then look no further than Indeed job search tool.

You might be aware of the groundbreaking website, but now get your chops around the app, a streamlined and just as useful digital version with some powerful add-ons (and a huge unrivaled database of positions to apply for) that’ll get you back on your working feet in no time.

5. Mailbox

Cut down on time wasted sifting through your Aladdin’s cave of emails in the morning with this nifty email management app.

Mailbox makes it easy to swipe through your inbox in a couple of minutes, archiving, replying and deleting messages with a few quick flicks of a finger. It’s also compatible with most mail servers.