5 easy ways you can make money online

Working from home is pretty much the holy grail of employment (for most people). Anything that allows you to wear pyjamas and avoid doing your hair is ideal, right?

But even if you can’t work from home, you can still make bank right from your sofa through a few of these super easy methods.

1. Surveys

Completing surveys is one of the easiest ways to make a bit of extra cash on the side. Although the multitude of sites you’ve probably seen promise the world but deliver little, there are a few that you can find that will give you the goods. The downside is that you may get inundated by spam emails and offers.

Great sites: iPoll or MySurvey

2. Proof reading

If you love a good read and fancy putting those pedantic grammar habits to good use, then proof reading is the best bet. Shop around the multitude of sites that connect proof readers to clients and you can make a decent side-business out of proof reading work.

Great sitesProofread Anywhere or Fiverr

3. Tutoring

You can tutor from home if you just don’t have time to commit to getting yourself around for regular tutoring sessions. Tutoring over Skype means you can fit it in to your schedule after work or on weekends, and you don’t have to be a certified teacher to take on the role.

Great sitesTrue Prep

4. Website testing

You can review new or improved websites for companies, offering up your feedback as you explore the site. It offers a fairly decent hourly rate and matches you to sites based on your interests.

Great sites: UserTesting

5. Data entry

Data entry sites match skilled typists with companies that need data entry transfers. The process often involves an aptitude test to ensure your eligibility, but once you pass you can make a good hourly rate with this work.

Great sites: Virtual Bee

Now what?